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DeVal met the challenge of designing a luxurious bathroom in a historic Cambridge building, overcoming tight time deadlines and layout constraints. Trusted products from Lefroy Brooks and Bard & Blackwood were chosen, emphasising functionality and aesthetics in the long, narrow space.
The whole team at DeVal geared up for the challenge of designing and installing this extraordinary bathroom in a historic Grade I Listed 15th-century building in the heart of Cambridge.

We had a tight deadline to get the project from the seeds of a design idea into a working bathroom before guests were scheduled to stay. We had additional challenges due to extended and often uncertain lead times on product availability as the economy recovered from the pandemic. We also discovered that extra work was needed to install the beautiful cream marble floor tiles from Ca’ Pietra. As often is the case, the design brief for this room included some level of contradiction where the client wanted opulent, luxurious materials without any additional maintenance requirements. We settled on choosing products from manufacturers such as Lefroy Brooks, Laufen, and Bard & Blackwood, whose reputations precede them, and their products are trusted to stand the test of time.

This room was long and narrow, and finding a layout that allowed for a walk-in shower and double vanity unit proved more challenging than we initially thought. We turned to the expertise of furniture experts Bard & Blackwood, who helped us create a vanity unit to the perfect depth to fit two under-mount basins and still allow for a marble console surround. We also opted for traditional wall-mounted brassware rather than deck-mounted taps that would have added to the unit’s depth. The striking fluted drawer fronts elevate this bathroom furniture to more than a simple bathroom vanity unit. This room was one of six bathroom renovations we completed at this property, and we feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to carry out work in such a memorable building.

The details
Client Brief: A room of opulence and luxury that is also understated and practical.
Location: Cambridge
Type: Design, supply and install
Price Guide: Circa £45k
At the heart of this charming design was the need for a luxurious space our clients could enter to truly reset. We’ve worked to create an inviting shower room that offers a sense of serenity.”
Word from the designer

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