Spacious Luxury Bathroom

Upgrading a recently renovated bathroom, addressing installation quality rather than layout. Enhanced with rich greens and high-quality fixtures, the DeVal team ensured top-notch installation, transforming the space.
Sometimes, there is no need to reinvent the wheel, even in the most spacious bathroom, and this renovation was a case in point.

Having relatively recently been renovated, it was the quality of the installation the client was unhappy with, rather than the layout and style, so we focused on inspiring the client with a different colour palette but keeping the traditional and luxurious experience where the bathroom could be straight out of a country hotel. Introducing a palette of rich greens also meant a simple re-paint of the exterior of their freestanding bath, which allowed the client to engage in a feeling of excitement for the project that the previous bathroom company had sadly dampened.

The products in this room are all first-class, with the vanity unit expertly crafted by Bard & Blackwood and the traditional and timeless brassware chosen from Lefroy Brooks, known for their classic products that stand the test of time. As is often the case with older properties, the low ceiling height meant the shower enclosure needed to be bespoke; we turned to Merlyn’s expertise to ensure we didn’t compromise on quality. The existing antique wardrobe didn’t allow for a change in floor level for tiles; we opted for a wood effect Karndean from their luxurious range, Art Select, laid in a traditional parquet pattern as the perfect complementary choice. As well as choosing exceptional products, the DeVal team ensured the quality of the bathroom installation was on par.

The details
Client Brief: A space to relax and unwind that complements the home’s existing charm.
Location: Norfolk
Type: Design, supply and install
Price Guide: Circa £35k
After being disappointed with a previous renovation by another company, our client came to us requiring fresh ideas to help them achieve a bathroom that felt fit for a hotel in the countryside. We’ve worked to create an understated but elegant, open, airy space.”
Word from the designer

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