Bold and Beautiful Basins

Two of our favourite manufacturers, Bette and Kast, have recently made an impressive bathroom splash with their latest basin releases.
Add a sleek touch with Bette

Bette has introduced two fresh additions to its line-up of countertop basins featuring sleek, slim-rimmed designs. The BetteCurve basin incorporates an inward slope on its top surface, effectively curbing water splashes. Meanwhile, the BetteLiv model boasts a minimalist aesthetic with a reduced depth, the perfect addition to a compact and contemporary bathroom.


Each model offers flexibility with diameters of either 320mm or 420mm. You can choose from an extensive colour palette of 32 matte colours or opt for one of four shimmering effects in Blue Satin, Forest, Midnight, and Daylight. Bette crafts these delicate-looking basins from titanium steel, ensuring durability and longevity. A resilient enamel coating covers the surface, providing exceptional scratch resistance and effortless cleaning. The basin waste covers are enamelled in the same colour as the basin, ensuring a seamless aesthetic.

Create a feature with Kast

Drawing inspiration from the timeless elegance of terrazzo, Kast proudly presents its Holm collection, featuring three distinct basin designs: Anno, Nema, and Mesa. Each basin showcases a striking terrazzo pattern ingeniously integrating a concealed waste system. Kast emphasises the convenience of easy cleaning with the removable insert feature. Additionally, the Nema and Mesa models offer versatility with the option of wall-mounted installation and the flexibility of deck-mounting tap holes, providing users with customisable choices to suit their preferences and space requirements.

With fun colours and stunning new shapes available, choosing a new basin doesn’t have to be boring!
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