Our Latest Tile Loves

Interior trends trickle all the way down to tiles. With progressing production methods and access to sources of inspiration across the globe, there is certainly no lack of choice regarding tile design. Ca’ Pietra’s ever-expanding range of natural stone and tiles has some fresh additions to help you add a personal stamp to your space.

Here are some of our favourites:

Tile Loves – Fez
Fez Porcelain

Characterful shapes and the warm tonal variation give this Moroccan-inspired tile a handmade feel. It is also an excellent alternative for those who love the charm of materials like terracotta but want the practicality of porcelain. The Ca’ Pietra Fez tile is available in a star or cross pattern, in white or cotto.

Tile Loves – Capri

This beautiful Italian summer-inspired tile is a great way to brighten any space. The pre-mixed blend showcases a harmonious fusion of lemons and olive leaves, capturing the warmth and allure of the Mediterranean.

Tile Loves – Preen
Preen Porcelain Mosaic

This feather-like mosaic tile has a lovely softness and elegance to it. Featuring this tile is a beautiful way to add subtle textured detail. This Ca’ Pietra mosaic is available in 3 other sublime colour options, including green, pink and blue.

Tile Loves – Rio
Rio Porcelain

Inspired by the Agave flower, the Rio tiles boast a hand-painted, pastel effect and gentle organic shapes. Muted and bold colours in an array of shapes form this playful tile. The watercolour effect feels coastal yet chic.

Tile Loves – Hollywood

Evoking the opulent richness of Hollywood glamour, these porcelain tiles showcase a luxurious onyx effect adorned with gem-like veining and captivating, bold tones that demand attention. This geology-inspired tile is enhanced by its gorgeous colour palette of blues and purples. This statement tile is available in three other stunning colour options featuring pinks, greens and beiges.


Tile Loves – Kaleidoscope

Derived from ornate Victorian quilt patterns, Kaleidoscope undergoes a vibrant transformation with brightly-coloured tones inspired by native butterfly species. These tessellating geometric designs offer versatility, allowing for various layout options that can be arranged to create impactful and dramatic visual effects.

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