Think Pink!

We’ve seen the popularity of pink soar in recent times. From subdued pastel tones to bright, eye-catching ones, pink can create a calming yet uplifting atmosphere. This versatility lends nicely to using pink in interior spaces, including bathrooms.

Be inspired to get rosy with these four ideas to incorporate pink in your bathroom design:

Think Pink! 1

Although the thought of pink and bathrooms may transport your mind back in time, these elegant rose-touched sanitaryware show this combination can still feel modern and inviting.

Think_Pink! 3
Think Pink! 4

The use of colour-finished furniture in the bathroom is on the incline; opting for pink can brighten the space and invite relaxation.

Think Pink! 5
Think Pink! 6

Not a fan of pastels? Lean towards more orange-toned pinks like in the pictures; Ca ‘Pietra’s Tunstall Coral tiles involve elements of red, and their Joyous Expression tiles add vibrancy to your walls or floor.


If going all-out pink isn’t to your taste, but the warmth it can bring is appealing, be inspired by these Ca’ Pietra tiles that subtly welcome hues of pink: the stunning marble East Java Flamingo Marble Temple Mosaic (1), Glass House Matt Porcelain (2) and Woodland Glade Matt Porcelain (3).


Featuring pink in your bathrooms can be a playful way to personalise your space and create a sense of freshness.

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