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Bathroom Design Styles

At the start of any bathroom design process, you will likely be asked if you have a style in mind. Most often, picking out a few design features that suit your tastes and needs can indicate you lean towards one of four common design styles.

Most projects are developments of the following themes:


A traditional-inspired bathroom often incorporates elements with intricate details that feel classic. The design often incorporates deep tones of primary and secondary colours, from painted roll-top baths to multi-coloured Victorian-inspired patterned tiles. Traditional design invites rounded edges with detailed features and solid, natural materials like marble and wood. These features often look simple but are quietly luxurious.


Pops of colour and a mix of materials are the building blocks of modern style. Consistency in modern design can vary: introducing cleaner lines can make spaces feel simple and fresh; conversely, incorporating stand-out elements such as a feature tiled wall adds real interest. A modern-inspired bathroom feels relevant and original without focusing on current trends.


Contemporary design is influenced by present trends, such as mismatched use of colours and textures in a way that still feels cohesive. Contemporary designs can often have a ‘clean look’ – the less on show and the more visible floor space, the better. From exciting tile patterns to smart storage features, every inch of space is put to work in contemporary design to form a uniquely personal space.


Transitional style refers to a collection of elements from traditional design to more modern being incorporated. For a bathroom, this could feature wooden panelling and a sleek fluted glass shower door. Transitional designs often have quite a neutral pallet overall with some colourful components that all tie in. Being inspired by this blend of styles creates an inviting aesthetic that wouldn’t feel out of place in any home.


Whether you’re after a bathroom that feels like a step back in time or one that invites fun and originality, there are products and techniques that can form a style that is personal to you. Enlist the help of one of DeVal’s designers to bring your vision to life.

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