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Luxury bathroom storage: How to add style and functionality to your space

Functionality and style are key to any well-rounded bathroom design. Dedicated space for products and personal items is essential for a well-functioning bathroom. From beautifully designed freestanding units to custom-built storage solutions, there are endless ways to make your bathroom storage work for you.
Bespoke Storage

It doesn’t get more luxurious than having bespoke storage that is made to fit your space perfectly; from shelving to vanity units, there are solutions fully customisable to whatever your storage requirements may be. Custom solutions are particularly beneficial for rooms with non-uniform walls, difficult angles or tighter spaces. As bespoke pieces are made to your exact specification, they can be a great way to tie in quirky tiles or add texture with the material finish and add the ultimate personal touch.


Vanity units and cabinets, whether wall-mounted or freestanding, offer convenient places for all essential items to be stored tidily, keeping your bathroom a stress-free and relaxing space. Bathroom furniture is available in various colours and styles, from traditional with shaker-style cupboards to more modern with push-open drawers.

Mirrored cabinet

Mirrored cabinets are a great way to get in additional storage whilst also being a feature, helping to lift the room by reflecting light. Mirrored cabinets that are also illuminated add an extra ounce of luxury and are particularly beneficial for bathrooms with little or no natural daylight. As well as space for storing products, mirrored cabinets with a power supply allow for items like electric toothbrushes to be charged discreetly.


Open storage options such as shelving add height to a room by drawing the eye up. A choice of different materials, such as wood or glass, means there is an option to suit the style of any room. Open shelving allows display accessories and makes the room more personal. Choosing brackets that match other room elements, such as the brassware finish, helps to make your design feel well thought-out and consistent.


Incorporating niches in the shower, behind the bath or anywhere in between offers open space for storing items that blend well into the bathroom’s design. As they are built-in, niches can make the most out of otherwise unused space within the wall. Niches can be built to suit the space available and your storage needs. Downlights can be fitted to create some ambience and add to the atmosphere of the bathroom.

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